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Dental Plaster Mixers

High quality knives and spatulas for dental laboratory work. Precision made for safe and comfortable professional use. Stainless steel knife blades with handles insert molded in polypropylene to comply with best hygiene and safety practice, withstand sterilisation by autoclave or gamma irradiation.

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Code Product Description RRP Price Qty Detail
L3606 L3606 - Plas.Mix Broad/Curved11cm £2.65 £2.65
L3607 L3607 - Plas.Mix Broad/Flat 11cm £2.58 £2.58
L3608 L3608 - Plas.MixMedium/Curved10cm £2.39 £2.40
L3609 L3609 - Plas.Mix Medium/Flat 10cm £2.28 £2.25
L3610 L3610 - Plas.MixNarrow/Curved11cm £2.00 £2.00
L3611 L3611 - Plas.Mix Narrow/Flat 11cm £1.93 £1.93