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Irrigation agent for root canal walls chelating and smear layer removal

Calasept EDTA is specially formulated to aid in the negotiation of root canals by endodontic instruments. The EDTA forms a water soluble chelate complex that decalcifies substances and dissolves smear layers, thereby increasing the adhesion of filling material. EDTA helps to enlarge and shape the canal for final obturation. For maximum effect, flush intermittently with EDTA and sodium hypochlorite. 

Rinse the root canal thoroughly after use of EDTA. Calasept CHX is recommended for final rinsing.

 Calasept® CHX

For irrigation during endodontic treatment

During endodontic treatment, EDTA and sodium hypoclorite are used intermittently. In vitro studies have established that the chelating effect of EDTA is not limited by using sodium hypochlorite. Therefore irrigation with Calasept CHX solution prior to filling a canal with resin material is recommended. In addition, the bactericidal capacity of Calasept CHX will reduce the amount of bacteria.

*NaCIO and CHX should not be mixed due to that an unwanted precipitate may occur.

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