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Affinis Wash

AFFINIS wash materials wet the tooth and gingiva extremely quickly and effectively. Its hydrocolloid-like property ensure that the wash material flows into the narrowest areas without applying pressure. AFFINIS has a very low contact angle thanks to its structure-breaking property of the surfactant agent. The mixed material provides ­adequate stability and does not drip from the tooth.

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CW6511 Affinis Regular Body (2 x 50ml Cartridges) £47.75 £39.99
CW6601 Affinis Fast Light Body (2 x 50ml Cartridges) £46.45 £43.75
CW6610 Affinis Fast Regular Body MicroSystem (4 x 25ml Cartridges & 20 x Mixing Tips/Oral Tips) £45.99 £44.00
CW6611 Affinis Fast Regular Body (2 x 50ml Cartridges 12 x mixing tips) £45.25 £42.50
CW6620 Affinis Fast Heavy Body (2 x 75ml Cartridges) £31.50 £28.35